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Vitamin D is our Life - By Dietician Nutritionist in Warden Road Mumbai Geetanjali Mengi

By Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi  on: 15 September 2017
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Vitamin D is our Life- By Dietician Nutritionist in Warden Road Mumbai Geetanjali Mengi

Vitamin D is rightly called as a sunshine vitamin because sunlight is the richest source of vitamin D.

The body must have a good supply of Vitamin D as it helps to absorb calcium while promoting bone growth. Without sufficient Vitamin D, children develop rickets, having fragile misshapen bones in adults. It also accounts for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, depression, weight loss and heart diseases.

Primarily Vitamin D helps in :

Strong Bones- Plays a role in making strong bones. They are responsible for absorbing calcium and promoting strong bone growth.its most important function, Vitamin D is directly related to bone health. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and this directly with the concentration of blood and mineralization of the bone.

Help in Regulating the Immune System- It is now clear that Vitamin D helps the immune system. Studies have shown that the immune system defends the body from foreign bodies and invading organisms, it acts as a protective shield for the body.

Helps Neuromuscular systems- Vitamin D acts as a hormone in your body and there are many vitamin D receptors. It helps regulate neuromuscular systems and impacts protein synthesis.It helps regulate the neuromuscular system.

Vital for Immune Health- Vitamin D is vital for immune health as it acts as a deterrent for many autoimmune diseases. Alteration to insulin to cold hands may be symptoms of autoimmune diseases and Vitamin D plays a vital role by playing a deterrent.

Low Vitamin D and Fatty Muscles-  Lack of Vitamin D may lead to fatty muscles. There is a strong relationship between vitamin D and the status of muscles.

Low Vitamin D and Diabetes- Vitamin D is related to Insulin production in the body. Thus lack of vitamin D can lead to high sugar levels in the blood leading to diabetes.

Low Vitamin D and Tuberculosis- Vitamin D is known for its potent role in immunity, thus chances of bacterial infection like mycobacterium Tuberculosis are high.

Rich Sources of Vitamin D- Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin thus its rich sources are-

A- Whole Milk and milk products like curd, paneer, cheese etc 
B- Egg Yolk
C- Fish
D- Organ Meat like liver

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